About Us

Our Mission

To propagate and perpetuate the joy, learning, and camaraderie created by exploring and sharing scrumptious foods and satiating beverages with scintillating company.  

Our Passion

We love a great party! Jennifer Yang has been cooking since she was 10 and has planned simple dinner parties for 4 to black-tie galas for 500. She started TasteBuds Events as a company that specialized in themed food and beverage tasting experiences. Her partner, Drew Cockley, started working with food in high school and ran his own kitchen right after college. Their goal is to create unique, fun, and (somewhat) educational events for friends, family members, and colleagues to enjoy. We offer: 

  • A private tasting club with members-only events
  • Customized event planning for your special occasion (e.g., corporate function, birthday party, bachelor/ette party, etc.)
  • Personal chef services and at-home cooking lessons

Our Services

Private Tasting Club

We love bringing together people who have a common passion for food, wine, and spirits. Not only will we learn more about what we are tasting, but also learn from each other. Some of our members-only events included:

  • Seven Deadly Sins Dinner: A Course Crafted for Each Sin
  • Bourbon Bracketology: Bourbon Tasting in Basketball Elite 8 Style
  • Does Price Matter?: Blind CA Cab Tasting

Your Events

TasteBuds Events can come to you! Do you have a corporate function or a celebration coming up? Leave the planning to us. We design the details, from logo to logistics. We can share more info from these past events:

  • Gears, Cheers, and Jeers: Cycling-Themed 50th Birthday Celebration at Philadelphia Distilling
  • Presidential Whiskey Race Primaries: Rye Party & Bourbon Party at The Liberty Tavern
  • Bourbon Roadtrip for National Bourbon Day: Tastings of bourbons from across the US at The Liberty Tavern

Personal Chef

TasteBuds Events offers cooking lessons and specializes in designing and preparing menus for up to 60 people. Like with our events, we thrive on the creative process. Even our meals will have a unique twist. Here are examples:

  • A "Mar(r)yland" 40th Anniversary and Vow Renewal Celebration: Featuring Iconic Maryland Ingredients
  • You Can Take the Boy Out of NY...: A 55th Birthday Dinner that Showcased Each Borough in NYC
  • Annual Summer BBQ - La Taqueria: Fully Loaded Taco Bar with All the Fixings.

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